Uneasy Engagement Book


A visual survey in book form of 102 street trees as they are impeded in their growth by utility lines. Trees green the streetscape and clean our air, while overhead wires are primary infrastructure that keep the city running. This examination of a local condition in the New York City borough of Queens draws attention to a phenomenon that is a ubiquitous and often overlooked feature in the urban landscape.

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  • 112 Pages, 102 Images
  • Tritone Offset Printing
  • Soft Cover, Sewn Binding
  • 6.7″ x 8.25″ / 170mm x 210mm
  • ISBN 979-8-9872850-0-8
  • First Edition of 500
  • ©Literal 2023


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Weight300 g
Dimensions265 × 215 × 25 mm